Arabella’s Picnic

Welsh/Cymraeg version:

A new animation based on the children’s story by Sian Williams. Animated and adapted by George Roberts, featuring background art by Hannah McCaffery and original character designs by Kirsteen Harris Jones.

In the Borderlands of Wild Woolly Wales, a young cow is in search of comfort and company. She gives her Dad the slip and thinks she has found what she is looking for, when the local lads follow her and discover her secret. What could have turned into a right pickle comes good when they save her skin in a most unusual way, and she ends up the star of the show.

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The Writers Group – a scene from a play by Sian Williams

Diversional therapy with a difference….not much writing gets done.

‘Made me laugh out loud’    Sally Spedding

‘Off the Wall’                             Clive Greenwood

‘Kept us chuckling’                 Peter Thompson


South Bank Poetry: issues 19 and 21 containing ‘Rear Window in Balham’ ‘Listen Out’ and ‘Hiraith’. Click to see more information and purchase back issues.

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Player Playwrights

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